Thanks for stopping by Golden Quince Studios, the personal website of me-- Erin Vaganos! I am an illustrator specializing in children’s books, and I love painting the ocean and animals and beautiful spiraling leafy plants in watercolor and ink.

If you’re interested in technique and media or would like to know a little bit about my painting process, browse the FAQs and Tutorials sections.

Also, please check out my brand new blog following the progress of the Golden Quince Tarot!





12/07/14: BRAND NEW BLOG for the Golden Quince Tarot project

          Becky’s Bouquet in Traditional

          Happy Pig Family in Traditional

          Sea Dreams in Traditional

          Paper Boats in Traditional

          Kites in NYC in Traditional

          Botanicals 1 in Flowers


08/06/14: Baby Procession in Traditional

          Wedding Shower Invite in Traditional

          Sunshine Flowers in Flowers

          Bergamot in Graphic

03/29/14: Sorrel Wood in Houses

02/18/14: Strawberry Sweet in Traditional

          Added Flowers and Houses sections in the Gallery

01/31/14: Where I’m Going Tomorrow in Traditional

          Update in Sketchings

          Love in Graphic

11/22/13: Site revamp!! Browse around and discover tons of new additions!